Kathy J. Willoughby was born September 17, 1956.  Currently, she serves as Co-Pastor of the Promise Land Christian Community Church.  She is an Ordained and Licensed Minister and has been Partner in Ministry at Promise Land Christian Community Church for over 20 years.  She is a graduate from Martin University with a B.A. degree in Religious Studies, M.S. degree in Psychology, and, a M.S. degree in Gerontology from the University of Indianapolis.

Kathy has been married to Richard E. Willoughby for over thirty five years.  She is the mother of three adult daughters, the originator of Village Implementing Power (VIP), and the founder of Mountain Mover Ministry, Inc.  She has a certificate in Chaplin Training from the FSSA, a diploma from the National Baptist Sunday School Congress, and serves on the advisory board for the Frankie Morton Women Ministers and Leadership Alliance.    Kathy is on the Board of Trustees for Voice in the Wilderness CDC and on the planning committee for Crown of Glory Sr. Pastors’ Wives.

She has a published book entitled “Until Desperation Do Us Part” which gives the essentials for marriage and relationship stability and longevity.  She is dedicated to the ministry of restoration and is making a holistic difference is the lives of others.

​Email Address:  mountainmoverinc@aol.com   /    ​Twitter: @servant56

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Co-Pastor of Promise Land Christian Community Church

Co-Pastor of Promise Land Christian Community Church

Pastor Richard E. Willoughby, Sr., B.A., M.S.

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Servant Kathy Willoughby, B.A., M.S., M.S.

Richard E. Willoughby, Sr. is the Co-pastor of Promise Land Christian Community Church. He is a graduate of Arsenal Tech High School. he graduated from Ivy Tech Electronics Technology in May 1979. Pastor Willoughby received a certificate of completion of apprenticeship November 1983, a Journeyman Electrician (I.B.E.W. Local 481) He graduated from Central Baptist Theological Seminary with a Bachelor of Theology Degree. B.S. Degree in Religious Studies and M.A. Degree in Urban Ministry from Martin University. Richard has obtained his Master's of Divinity from Wesleyan Seminary in 2016. 

Pastor Willoughby is a dedicated leader in the Indianapolis community. He has worked tirelessly to uplift those in need through the ministries developed while Co-Pastor of Promise Land Christian Community Church and Founder and CEO of Voice in the Wilderness Ministries, CDC. While working as an employee of General Motors, Pastor Willoughby served as President of Concerned Clergy of Indianapolis and is presently the President of the Board of UNWADC, United Northwest Area Development Corporation. He was Co-Chair of Mayor Greg Ballard's Diversity Task Force for the Fire and Police Departments.

He is a board member of Ten Point Coalition of Indianapolis. He is a retired United Auto Worker and presently a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union. Pastor Willoughby is married (36 years, this Oct 2014) to Servant Kathy J. Willoughby, his Co-Pastor in ministry. He has five children and ten grandchildren. Pastor Willoughby and wife have served the Promise Land Christian Community Church for 22 years with their 23-year anniversary coming this October 2014


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