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Our Senior Citizens Group receives information about health issues, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and other medical issues as well as insurance updates. Navigating through the maze of government programs available to aging Americans can be difficult and confusing. Many seniors don't even know what assistance is available - or how to gain access to it.

Today, more and more grandparents are finding themselves the primary caregiver of their grandchildren - because of death, military deployments or other family crisis. No matter what the circumstances, taking on this enormous responsibility involves legal, financial, health, educational and issues. Discussions in the Groups include ways to discover how to protect your good credit, prepare for retirement, and means to improve your health. We have water aerobics, bowing, bingo games, computer training and fellowships with others as just a few ways our Seniors keep their minds sharp.​

VITW Provides the Following Services:

Voice in the Wilderness

Food Pantry

Richard E. Willoughby, Sr. is the Co-pastor of Promise Land Christian Community Church. He is a graduate of Arsenal Tech High School. he graduated from Ivy Tech Electronics Technology in May 1979. Pastor Willoughby received a certificate of completion of apprenticeship November 1983, a Journeyman Electrician (I.B.E.W. Local 481) He graduated from Central Baptist Theological Seminary with a Bachelor of Theology Degree. B.S. Degree in Religious Studies and M.A. Degree in Urban Ministry from Martin University. Presently enrolled in Master's of Divinity Program at Wesleyan Seminary.

Pastor Willoughby is a dedicated leader in the Indianapolis community. He has worked tirelessly to uplift those in need through the ministries developed while Co-Pastor of Promise Land Christian Community Church and Founder and CEO of Voice in the Wilderness Ministries, CDC. While working as an employee of General Motors, Pastor Willoughby served as President of Concerned Clergy of Indianapolis and is presently the President of the Board of UNWADC, United Northwest Area Development Corporation. He was Co-Chair of Mayor Greg Ballard's Diversity Task Force for the Fire and Police Departments.

He is a board member of Ten Point Coalition of Indianapolis. He is a retired United Auto Worker and presently a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union. Pastor Willoughby is married (36 years, this Oct 2014) to Servant Kathy J. Willoughby, his Co-Pastor in ministry. He has five children and ten grandchildren. Pastor Willoughby and wife have served the Promise Land Christian Community Church for 22 years with their 23-year anniversary coming this October 2014.

For more information, please call us at 317-924-0855


"The Pastor's A Team" is a reward based initiative started in 1993 by Pastor Willoughby to encourage the youths in the community to excel in school. As an academic-based recognition program used to encourage youths to strive toward excellence, we have included Indianapolis Public Schools in the community in our effort to assist the teachers and encourage youths through tutoring and mentoring. We have Club hope in our initiative.

CLUB HOPE. This is the fourth year that VITW has worked with our Safe Haven in the community called Club Hope. Every Friday night since June 2007, Club Hope has provided a Safe Haven and positive environment for youths in the UNWA area. Aside from workshops and life skills classes, we have games, dancing, basketball, and a snack bar. We also provide free haircuts to youths, which is paid for by Club Hope. We have had as many as 125 youths per week.

As the youth develop constructive characteristics through our programs, we are able to assist those who choose to follow positive life-paths in obtaining employment opportunities during the summer.​


Since 2000, VITW has been assisting ex-felons overcome their barriers with employment, transportation, housing, clothing and family assistance. With the release of many ex-offenders back into the community, VITW has established partnerships with other organizations to develop framework to provide a unilateral plan that can provide assistance for all participants without duplicating services.

Since VITW began its Job Readiness Program, "The Re-Discover You Initiative" back in May 2009, they have seen an increase in each class. Many of the cadidates have referred friends and family members to the program


VITW-CDC is an integral micro partner in Circle City Fatherhood Coalition where we are the designated Family Court Advocate for the rights of fathers relating to Child Support issues.

As an advocate for the rights of fathers, it is our responsibility to educate and assist Father's by making their legal rights in the areas of child support, visitation, mediation, and emancipation and child custody. We are promoting participation between fathers and their children.  We meet fathers at the court so they have a person to connect with, share information and make appointments on the spot.​