Promise Land Christian Community Church, formally known as Beulah Baptist Church was organized in 1932 under the pastorate of Rev. Davis.  We were located at 22nd & Montcalm.  Shortly after being organized a few of the members departed and started a church known as Mt. Pleasant.  Old Beulah then relocated to the corner of Roach & Rader.

In 1934, under the direction of the Lord the location was changed again to the corner of Roach and White and was called Beulah Baptist Church.  Rev. Fuller was call to pastor and stayed six months.  McBride returned and the church name was known as New Beulah Baptist Church.  We had 16 members.

In 1935, Rev. McBride resigned and Rev. R.F. Gregory was installed.  One month later the church moved to 911 Edgemont.  The church settled on the name of Beulah Baptist Church.  Pastor Gregory, his wife Lady Louise and their children began a singing group known as the Gregory Singers.  In 1973, the Inspirational Choir, which was later named the Inspirational Sounds of Joy.  In 2004, Rashonda Moore formed Psalms Worship Team and currently resides over our music ministry.

Beulah bought three lots and began construction on a new edifice.  During the week of November 18 -24 1963, the church held dedication services.  They moved into the current location of 802 Edgemont.  Pastor Gregory remarried in 1979 to Pearl Jett who has been a member since 1951.  After a brief departure in 1964, she reinstated her membership in 1979.  Lady Pearl Gregory is a deaconess and still an active member of Promise Land CCC.  In the month of September, in the year of 1994, the Lord called Rev. R. F. Gregory, a gospel warrior, home to glory after serving as pastor for 56 years. 

On September 26, 1991, installation services were held for our new pastor Rev. Richard E. Willoughby Sr.  On October 3, 1991 Pastor Willoughby preached his first sermon as the pastor and overseer of Beulah Missionary Baptist Church.  In 1995 Rev David Chambers was appointed as Beulah’s very first assistant pastor.

On March 1, 1997 the Voice in the Wilderness, Inc. was founded by Pastor Richard Willoughby and operated by the Chairperson of Operations - Sharon Jones.  Voices in the Wilderness, Inc. operates as a means of helping those in the community beginning with our food outreach. Voice in the Wilderness’s purpose was and still is, to provide assistance in the form of counseling, food aid, clothing, caregiving, mentoring, and child care.  In an effort to strengthen and promote a healthy society, Voice in the Wilderness, Inc., is committed to building up our community in ways that will enhance the personal and professional development of the residence within our community.

On November 11, 2001, Beulah broke ground for the erection of the R. F. Gregory Family Life Center.  This building was dedicated to the legacy of Rev. R. F. Gregory.  In 2004, Beulah Land Daycare opened under the direction of Sis. Theresa Chambers extending child care services to the city of Indianapolis.  In 2013, Promise Enrichment Academy was established under the direction of Shanika Day-Askew. 

In 2005 the Lord began to move in a new way.  As we continued to grow in the wisdom and knowledge of the word, our ministry was elevated to a higher dimension.  In 2005 under the direction of the Holy Spirit, Beulah’s name was changed to Promise Land Christian Community Church; “A Land Flowing with Milk and Honey.”  The transformation of the Holy Spirit brought about many new changes.  The Lord began to call both men and women, young and old, to preach the gospel.  Sr. Pastor Richard and Servant Kathy Willoughby are partners in marriage and ministry, and began Co-Pastorship in 2004.  Promise Land CCC is a land of prosperity and promise. God continues to richly bless us as we enter into a time of completion.

Promise Land Christian Community Church History

Humble Beginnings


Humble Beginnings


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Promise Land Christian Community Church, is a missional assembly whose foundation is built on one God.  With the power of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, we are centered on uplifting the Kingdom of God through connecting the world to Christ Jesus, providing resources and training to the community, restoring the broken-hearted and equipping the Body of Christ for mature unified service.